Saturday, August 21, 2010

2010.5 List

It has arrived. Maybe I said something about return artists, maybe I didn't. Miike Snow removed...

1.) You Will Leave A Mark - A Silent Film
2.) Breakin' the Chains of Love - Fitz and The Tantrums
3.) Cigarettes Will Kill You - Ben Lee
4.) The Devil's Tears - Angus & Julia Stone
5.) Better Things - Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings
6.) Hold On Magnolia - Songs: Ohia
7.) Tornado - Jonsi
8.) Cigarettes In The Theatre - Two Door Cinema Club
9.) Mango Tree - Angus & Julia Stone
10.) Sugarfoot - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
11.) Tighten Up - The Black Keys
12.) Electric Feel (acoustic) - Katy Perry
13.) XXXO - M.I.A.
14.) Black & Blue - Miike Snow
15.) Blaoodbuzz Ohio - The National
16.) Fixed - Stars
17.) One by One - Robert Francis
18.) Birthday Boy - Drive-By Truckers

I've been getting emails from Blogger taking down posts with mp3 links. Therefore, if you are interested in a copy, please let me know.

Here's some of the Deets:

1.) You Will Leave A Mark - I heard it in June and was sold on it being the intro. If nothing else, you should get your foot tapping.

4.) The Devil's Tears - I really, really, really like this song. It has some sentimental value, but only because of its lyrics. Angus & Julia Stone are my favorite band right now and The Devil's Tears is a great song about love.

5.) Better Things - Bought the Vinyl at National Record Store Day. Quite catchy and dance to it each time it spins on my turntable. By myself??? Probably...

6.) Hold On Magnolia - An intro song to a UYD episode. If you aren't listening to the podcast yet, then that is your own loss.

7.) Tornado - Actually, I like quite a few of Jonsi's songs, but his voice is an acquired taste so I only put Tornado on. Probably needless to say, but the build-up in this song is great.

10.) Sugarfoot - On a Thursday, my friend asked me if I'd like to see Black Joe Lewis & The Sugarbears at The Bottleneck in Lawrence FOR FREE! Having heard of the band but no recollection of their songs, I obviously said "Yes!" 1000% worth it. Horns. Skinny black ties. Retro R&B. Boom!

11.) Tighten Up - I'm smitten with a girl who is a fan of The Black Keys. Their songs help her cause.

12.) Electric Feel (acoustic ) - I had the original version on an album two years ago. Katy Perry's first appearance.

13.) XXXO - Some people will not appreciate a Club Hit being on the album. Floyd will. It's really catchy and I like it. Screw everybody else.

15.) Bloodbuzz Ohio - Not one song over the last 4 months has rang through my ears. Maybe it's the fact I'm a drummer at heart and the intro is awesome. Maybe it's the lead singer's baritone voice. Maybe it's The National being a fantastic band. You decide.

16.) Fixed - I'm headed to NYC in September to see Stars live for the first time, and am quite excited for it. Judgment pending.

17.) One by One - This song was a regular on the online radio station I listen to at work. I really like it. ----- I had my reasons of not liking this song written here. However, I'm going to reserve those comments until others share their opinions of it. Please share via comments or in person and I will explain my reasoning.

18.) Birthday Boy - Saw the Truckers in Memphis. Awesome. Saw them a second time in Tulsa. Awesomer. There's a lyric in this song I really like:
"The prettiest girls from the smallest towns
Get remembered like storms and droughts
That old men talk about for years to come
I guess that's why they give us names
So few old men can say they saw us reign when we were young."


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The first two lines of that Truckers lyric are super dope (and I assume pretty true).