Sunday, August 15, 2010

Overseas Adventure (Part 1)

Friday night, I was discussing some upcoming trips with a friend. One next month to NYC and a second next summer to France. Coincidently, the next day, in a bedroom drawer I stumbled on a Legal Pad with notes from a 2008 excursion to Russia with my sister and brother-in-law. I've transcribed those notes here. If nothing else, it should waste some time as you browse the net.

Islip, New York
* "Who are the assholes that get a stretch limo from Islip?" - We had a car service pick us up from the airport and drive us to the City. They were out of TownCars, so we rode in a limo with complementary drinks.

New York, New York
* "Take the '2' Train to 96th, then the '1' to 116th, and double-back to 2911 Broadway." Directions to meet friends for dinner.
* I took the '1' to 96th, then followed signs to catch a shuttle-bus taking the place of the '2' (under construction) and got off at 116th.
* I was lost. In Harlem.
* After reconvening with Lindsey, part of my trek to Havana Central took me through Morningside Park, where (according to Adrienne) "People get pistol-whipped there."
* Lindsey has never failed me with restaurants. Havana Central was delicious. I had the pork.
* Went to 'Le Monde' for dessert.
- Adrienne's Port and Dave's 'Mona Lisa' would have been the ultimate combination.
- 'Innis & Hull' was not available, so I requested the waitress "Give me a beer you consider fit for a king."


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